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Persuasive Speech Topics


  • The pro life perspective on abortion
    WARNING: The website graphically shows an abortion after conception and should not be viewed by minors. The Silent Scream

    Affirmative Action

  • Does affirmitive action hurt Asian-Americans?

    Moderate Alcohol Consumption

  • When should a health professional encourage alcohol consumption?

    Practical Birth Control

  • When should abstinence be encouraged?

    Censorship and your tounge

  • Why the 1st ammendment matters.

  • The pro's and con's.

  • Why divorce is painful.

    Evolution & Intelligent Design
    Creation Science Evangelism
    Answers in Genesis
    Institue for Creation Research
    The Biblcal Creation Society
    The True Origin Archive
    The validity of intelligent design in a science class.

  • Get to know God in a personal way.


  • Jesus and the importance of Easter.

    Homosexual lifestyles

  • The implications of homosexuality on our culture.


  • Is Islam oppressive to women?


  • Why the countries that support the Jewish nation are "blessed"

    Premarital Sex and your mind

  • It is better to save yourself for marriage.

    Religion and the school

  • The role christianity plays in public education?

    Sex Education for all

  • The most practical way to prevent sexual diseases is abstinence.

    Physical Violence

  • Resonsible and accountable people are less likely to commit violent acts. Copyright © 2005-2007
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